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Metroplex Ski Club is a social and family-oriented club whose goal is to promote and build further interest in all disciplines of water sports for all ages and abilities; with an emphasis on water safety and good sportsmanship through social, community, and charitable events.

The Metroplex Ski Club is a family oriented social ski club looking to promote all disciplines of waterskiing.  MSC has been active in the Fort Worth / Dallas area for more than 40 years, and is made up of over 100 members. All ages and abilities are welcome, and MSC is always looking to grow in both membership and ski sites.

Monthly meetings begin at 7:30 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Anna's Mexican Grill, 1009 Cheek-Sparger Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034 For detailed directions, click here.


MSC annually hosts at least one Novice and one Class C tournament throughout the year, and has been well represented at both the South Central Regional and the National tournaments in recent years.  Additionally, the club participates in several community outreach programs by hosting events such as In His Wakes, Special Olympics, and disabled skiers clinics. 


MSC currently has a ski site with a slalom course and a jump ramp at Marine Creek Lake in Fort Worth.  This site is well protected from all but a NE wind.  It has been the site for the Cowtown Drag Boat Races, Pro Wakeboard Tour, U.S. Open of Wakesurfing, and Pro Ski Tour. For detailed directions, click here.


In the heart of downtown Fort Worth, MSC has also obtained access to a section of the Trinity River.  This site is large enough to provide a full slalom course, and separate areas for open skiing/wakeboarding.  For detailed directions, click here.


Be safe and have fun. If you have any questions, click here to email the club.​




The year was 1977, and Metroplex Ski Club plans were being circulated amongst The Sperry Skiers, the UTA water ski team (1976), and a handful of area lake skiers looking for a place to they could call their own. In order to understand why the club was established it should be relevant to understand what the Metroplex was like in 1977!

  • The first Atari, Commodore, and Apple computer goes on sale, there were no cell phones, and Star Wars had it’s first Premier

  • Gasoline was .79 / gallon, inflation was 6.5%, and interest rates for a house were 7.5%

  • Elvis dies

  • Saturday Night Fever and

  • Disco were born

  • Population of U.S. was 216M and 60m were under 25

  • Hurricane in India killed 20,000 and 2 million homeless, Amnesty international is awarded the Noble Prize


Meanwhile in North Texas there was one water ski club and one private site. The Dallas Ski Club (est 1960) was formed and eventually drew the Camille and Sammy Duvall from Irving, Texas.  Both eventually becoming World Champions. It was some years later that Sammy flew 200’ at Marine Creek, but that is for a later story.


The Dallas Ski club held a number of AWSA events including Regionals at their site near Bachman Lake. The club had limited membership, open to tournament skiers that had tournament boats. 


So, the Sperry skiers, UTA water ski team, and area lake skiers begin meeting with Glenn Sperry and the Metroplex Ski Club’s first President, Greg Bellomy. In 1978, the club was formed and in discussions with the City of Dallas, to practice at North Lake Park.


“Be skiing ya”, - Robert Fulcher



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