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Three Event Skiers

Skiers receive points based on their performance in each event. Points for rounds are combined to give a skier their total score for that event, the athlete with the highest combined score wins that event. If a skier competes in all 3 events, then they are eligible for an overall ranking. This takes their scores from each event and totals them up.



Slalom is where skiers run passes of a course made of 6 turns. There are 3 turns to either side of the boat with an entry and exit gate. Boat speed is increased, or the rope length shortened after each successfully completed pass. Skiers continue until they miss one of the turn buoys. 


The Trick event has 2 passes of 20 seconds, where the skier must perform as many tricks as possible to accumulate points.



 Jump is where skiers have 3 attempts to go as far as possible, their longest jump counts for scoring, and the furthest distance wins.

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