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Metroplex Ski Club is a social and family-oriented club whose goal is to promote and build further interest in all disciplines of water sports for all ages and abilities; with an emphasis on water safety and good sportsmanship through social, community, and charitable events.

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Members, a few announcements:


Marine Creek News:

- As you may know, the dock rebuild/re-design project is in full swing.  Fulcher is doing an outstanding job of organizing work parties and rallying the troops.  So far all 4 dock pieces have been stripped to the frame and all of the frames will be sandblasted and painted at Andy Hickson’s shop – awesome, thank you Andy... 


- Locks... The gate codes have been changed, and we placed new locks on the porta potty and finger dock.  If you have not received the new code, check with Liz on what information she may be missing for you.  Also, please remember when you use the site to not misplace or leave any of the locks unlocked.  Lock the gate through the TRWD lock, not the chain.  Lock the finger dock lock and porta potty lock on the chain link fence when you need to use either facility.  Leaving the lock hanging open means anyone can obtain the code or can get stolen like they already have.  The porta potty cleanliness condition greatly improved after we put the lock on it!


- Just a friendly reminder, please do not drive or park on the bike path.  Please come to a deliberate complete stop and look both ways prior to crossing the bike path – whether you are walking or crossing with a vehicle.  Please see below for the recommended path to follow:


Trinity River News:


- A message from your River VP, Kip Ballinger:


I have changed the gate code at the Trinity River 4th St entrance.  The ski course has all the buoys in place.  The boat ramp was clean.


There is a floating buoy on each side of the I-35 bridge.  Looks like a floating GPS device which probably has to do with the I-35 bridge expansion.  They are not in the way.


- Please remember – do not travel past the drop zone west of the slalom course.  There have already been complaints about it, we need to follow that request.


Ski League 2015: Cancelled - not enough participants or boat volunteers - sorry!


MSC Calendar:

- April 21: MSC Meeting

- May 09: In HIs Wakes

- May 16: Brooks Wilson Clinic – Free!  Contact John Marshall @ Tx Mastercraft to sign up. (and thank him!)

- May 29-31: Spring Fling @ beautiful Thornridge

- June 06: MSC Summer Jam – we have almost every piece part committed to making it a class C!


Please remember to tip your officers, or at least thank them for their service. =)

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