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Metroplex Ski Club is a social and family-oriented club whose goal is to promote and build further interest in all disciplines of water sports for all ages and abilities; with an emphasis on water safety and good sportsmanship through social, community, and charitable events.

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Broken Ski Award Newsletter

We had another great night of Ski League last night! 


Conditions were a bit odd, as I skied my 1st set in a slight northwest wind, and my 2nd set in a southwest wind, but the conditions nonetheless were outstanding. 


Team A Skiers:

Scott Smith upped his Ski League PB to 4@28’ by recording his weekly score in advance of the league start time, skiing on glassy waters... Treva and I arrived earlier than normal and I got my 2 sets in almost back to back as everyone arrived late!  I upped my score to 5@15/34’ and was just shy of running it.  I am sure the rest of the skiers heard me screaming at the top of my lungs in frustration as I shadowed 6 ball.  Treva also upped her SL PB skiing a full mini course at 30 mph.  I need to locate a 15’ off section to see if she can run reds at 23m.  The Jedi, with as limited ski time as he’s had this season, skied nicely, but fell short of his top performance so far this season.  No Fear Niebur I hear is skiing along the the Rio Grande somewhere near Reynosa... Fulch, Fulch, Fulch, what can I say?  He’s a walking injury 2nd only to Alex, but somehow managed to qualify for Regionals this past weekend in Austin – Congratulations – now get healed up!  George, struggled last night, but I will say, there is in my mind a 3 way race for most improved male for 2014 and no question he’s in the middle of that race.  Tacey came out and skied smoothly, we have one more week to get her a full red pass.  Kopp was MIA, traveling for work, requested a trade out, so no score for him this week.


Team B Skiers

Recognizing we would be light on the Team A roster, I had Alex and Travis come out, and we had a surprise visit by Kelli... That made for a nice scramble to get it all in by dark, right Travis?   Alex showed improvement last night, scoring 4@15/32’... Kelli, from what I saw on shore is skiing much better and aggressively, I feel she needs more time behind the boat.  The other two skiers I feel are battling it out for most improved male – Travis Bursey and Mike Koerner...  Mike shows how determination pays off – he’s really trying each week to improve and it shows.  Travis must have eaten his Wheaties yesterday morning because he came out last night and really skied the best I’ve seen him ski!  Two weeks ago, he has trouble getting up, last night he comes out and skis a full green pass at 30 MPH – get outta here – congrats!


Next week is for Team B and a few Team A Trade-outs.  Some Team B skiers have already skied 4 weeks (Potts and Kelli), so unless you trade out, see you week 10.  The rest of you Team B skiers, it’s time to put up or shut up – you have 4 sets left to post a score and catch up to Team A!  Sherriff Newhouse, I’m calling you out – come ski and get after it buddy!


Awards for the night:

     Most Improved: Wheaties Bursey

     Most Medals for an Injured skier: Fulch

     Best Grand Entrance: Kyle and the Austin Healey


Other News:


There will be a message coming to you all soon about an incident that took place at Marine Creek from Oleson and a reminder on the proper protocol on addressing those issues. 


Our next meeting will be Tuesday, 7/15/2014.  Please come support the club, and please bring George a snack. 


We have IN HIS WAKES and the Methodist Boys Ranch coming to town, please get with Liz on how you can help – we need boats and we need people.  This is a great event that is rewarding work – a perfect way for you to give back to the sport.  These types of events are what will continue to raise MSCs value to the community and help keep our club alive with the TRWD – please please volunteer. 


We will soon be having a work party to finalize the course, but that is TBA, we’ll probably finalize the plan at the meeting, then we’ll ask for member help.


Broken Ski Nominations... What can I say – some years we are lucky to have a winner, and this year we will struggle to pick a winner – my goodness, we have alot of entries – TWO this week alone... KEEP THEM COMING.  I swear it’s like some folks actually WANT to win it.  If you hear anything about me, I promise it’s a lie.  LOL


Oh and before i forget – get out to the the Jazz Monsters!

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