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Metroplex Ski Club is a social and family-oriented club whose goal is to promote and build further interest in all disciplines of water sports for all ages and abilities; with an emphasis on water safety and good sportsmanship through social, community, and charitable events.

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7/15/15: Ski Site Updates:


Trinity River 4th St area:
The game warden caught the alligator near the 4th St. boat ramp and is relocating it. 

The 4th St. ski course has not been replaced yet.  Water is still high with a current.  It is skiable if you want to free ski.  The concrete dock is underwater.  The boat ramp has some mud on it but was used this week with no issues.
Trinity River Henderson bridge area:
The gate code works.  We were able to replace most of the boat guides last night.  However we have not started looking for the turn buoys yet.  So the ski course is still incomplete.  Water is still high there as well with a current.  The boat ramp was clean at Henderson.  Watch out for kayaks in that area. 
We expect the water level to remain above normal with a current for several more weeks until the local lakes quit releasing water.  We will send out another update as soon as we get one of the slalom courses skiable again.


Marine Creek:


The gate was tampered with July 4th, but several have put time in to get it repaired.  Please make sure it is locked when you are leaving the site.  Also, if you are the only one on the dock and decide to all go in the boat.  Go ahead and lock the gate. 


Please lock the porta potty after each use.  Do not leave it unlocked for the day and the last person leaving locks it. 


If possible pick up any trash you see around our area. 


Please remember that non-motorized boats have the right of way.  As for other boats, we can tell them who we are and they shouldn’t go past the barrier sign.


Be kind to the people who gather at the site.


SKI LEAGUE: Yes, Marine Creek VP Robert Fulcher and member Jim Potts have carried on the tradition and are running a weekly ski league - please get a hold of them to participate!



be sure to check out the mighty mavericks at one of their upcoming shows!  They work hard to put on new acts and are really looking great this season! Contact kevin Hatley on how you can help, or join!


9/6/15:  Labor Day Show at Marine Creek Lake

9/27: Eagle Mountain Show





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