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Metroplex Ski Club is a social and family-oriented club whose goal is to promote and build further interest in all disciplines of water sports for all ages and abilities; with an emphasis on water safety and good sportsmanship through social, community, and charitable events.

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Howdy Members,


Spring is right around the corner, and that means warmer weather, warmer waters and hopefully calmer waters and hopefully calmer south winds!  Spring Fling, Summer Tournament, Ski League, Ski Shows, Clinics and Cookouts coming soon!   It also means we have alot work ahead of us too!


Membership Renewals:

As you know from Liz’s email, February means that membership renewals are due.  Last year was the best year from a dues/budgeting perspective as we had all of the dues in by the deadline.  Our treasurer is required to submit a budget at the March meeting, so it’s critical that we know what we’re working with beforehand.  The renewal can be found on the website; here is a direct link:  2015 Renewal.  Please note: A late fee in the amount of your initiation fee will be accessed on late payments and paperwork.


February Meeting – 1st Aid/CPR:

As part of the Safety clinic, we were required to complete a CPR/1st Aid clinic.  Better late than never, but we will have the class prior to the beginning of the February meeting.  Class is put on by, starting at 6:30 PM SHARP.  If you participated in the safety clinic, you are required to be at this training.  Cost is $45 I believe. 


Polar Bear Day:

Polar Bear Day Jan 1st was pretty bitter – 30 degree air temps and 42 degree waters and a nice stiff north breeze made for just about the coldest Polar Bear I can remember.  That did not stop the speedo amigos from showing they were bullet proof though! Special thanks to Liz for organizing, and Bill/Melinda for bringing the boat. 


MSC Calendar:

The MSC 2015 Calendar has been published, and it is packed to say the least.  Among the highlights, we will be bringing back In His Wakes in May, Tige’s Endless Wake in August, the Adaptive Clinic in September and we even got the Special Olympics to come back.  Email me if you’d like an MS Outlook importable calendar. 


April 4 Boat Cert / Work Party:

April 4th boat certification and work party are coming up and we have the USCG committed to vessel safety checks, so make sure you go through the boat cert form on the website to make sure you have everything you need.  Also, be on the lookout for communications from slave-driver Fulcher, I mean your new Marine Creek VP Robert Fulcher as he organizes the work tasks needed.  I am sure there is more than enough work to go around; we need all hands on deck, so please let him know if you can help.  Also, we will be re-building and improving the dock soon; your help is needed.  Amazing that we’ve been able to improve every piece of club property in the last 5 years, the dock being the last piece - we have alot to be proud of. 


Ski League 2015:

I am still wanting to put on a ski league this year, but will need volunteers to bring their boat.  I did speak to Texas MC, Waterski America and Buxton’s about sponsoring boats, it will depend on if they have one in stock.  We have to be prepared to have our own ride.  Competition was fierce last year yet so much fun.  I was able to video conference into the USAWS Mid-Winter meeting this year and they have a dedicated time slot to review OUR ski league.  They are so excited about how we’ve been able to create this event and grow it.  There are other clubs trying to copy us, we are the benchmark and it made my day to hear all of that.  As we get closer to pre-registration I will send out another communication, but you can let me know anytime if you’re interested in it for 2015. 


It’s going to be a great year for MSC, I’m just glad to be part of it.


Let’s go skiing,


Mark Cohen

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